Kumihimo Class Series

cropped-front-cover-web.jpgEach project features a set of Techniques that progressively build your knowledge of Kumihimo pattern making. Learn to use the Bead Runway™ to make graduating bead layout designs. Learn how to work with different braid structures, bead types, findings and finishing methods. Each Student graduates the Series by literally completing the “Graduation Class” where they are guided through making a graduating bead pattern of their own using the beads of their choice. Reaching this empowered level of Kumihimo expertise grants the title of KUMISTA

Each project requires two, 2-hour classes, a beginning class and a finishing class. Each class is $25 ($50 per project). Most beads and findings are provided. Each Student gets their very own Bead Runway™ with Earth & Sea Class (usually class 1 of the Series). As a group, the class generally guides which projects will make up their class series. A typical class takes place once a week, with the series historically lasting about three months, but they have gone longer. Each series can be tailored to needs of the group.

Each project payment serves as a confirmed seat registration and is required at least 24 hours in advance, but two weeks prior to class is preferred. Class size is small and intimate with individual attention and focused learning. (Prerequisite: 1-Hour Beginner Kumihimo Class and Purchase of the Book “Bead Runway™ Kumihimo Technique Pattern Series©” by Cindy GraysonThe book contains many of the patterns, tool and supply lists, reference materials and coined terms compiled in one place. Additionally, the Techniques and Theories are explained in detail.

If you have a group that is interested in learning the Bead Runway™ Technique Methodology, click on the Contact Menu link above and fill out the form with your request.

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