Why Bead Runway??

The Bead Runway

is used as a tool to assist you in laying out #kumihimo patterns so you can make your own designs visually. It is most useful with graduating patterns starting with the largest beads in the center and graduating out both ways smaller and smaller.

It does come with basic directions giving you the theory behind it, where to begin, where you should end up and how it can help you in other ways. It also allows you to count out your beads for existing patterns then load from the runway. This reduces the amount of times you count the beads when loading from pattern.

It can also help alter existing patterns. If you layout an existing pattern, you can swap out bead groups, bead by bead, to customize the design with your own beads.

Now, My book…

BR logo SM_TAPS 9x7

I teach a technique focused pattern series with the hope that if you master the techniques taught in the patterns, and keep a Bead Journal reference log, you will eventually be able to pull from all that data and make your own patterns using your own beads. The first volume is almost complete and it will be available this month. I plan to publish another by June of 2019. It contains technique focused kumihimo projects with the patterns and instructions, with the bead runway as a tool used. It contains even more detailed explanations of the techniques, reasons behind them, types of beads it enables, all kinds of creative ideas on how to revolutionize the way you approach kumihimo.

My website MadeYouLookDesign.com has bead companion kits to the book patterns. The kits contain beads, and findings.

If you want something new in kumihimo, you have found it. It is a really exciting time and I am so happy you found me. Also, you will be my student for life. I am an email or text away.

I will begin doing live class webinars soon, so that is also something to look forward to.

Thank you so much for your interest and support!!




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