Get A Bead Journal!!

My Bead Runway™ Basics & Beyond Technique Kumihimo Instruction Series was created to teach students the various facets of creating  contemporary beaded Kumihimo braided jewelry. Each class teaches a new technique and each class concludes with a new piece of jewelry featuring the skill learned that week. Students are encouraged to document all aspects of each project and compile a Bead Journal. This is a progressive series, meaning that each class skill builds on top of the next.

Students use their Bead Runway™ (patent pending) to count and layout their bead patterns.

The goal of the class series is that by the end, the student will have a complex body of work featuring a broad spectrum of Kumihimo techniques. The student will have also composed an in depth “Kumihimo Pattern”  Bead Journal that will forever be of reference for future Kumihimo pattern creation. These project notes will help to allow students to see a Kumihimo they like, and be able to deconstruct it by knowing which moves/placements yield certain patterns and results, because of their own extensive, personal Kumihimo exploration throughout classes.

Here is a list of important notes that should be included with each project in order to compile the most useful Original Kumihimo pattern creation reference book possible:

  • Bead Runway™ Basics & Beyond Technique Used
  • Bead types, sizes, color, sourcing, cost
  • The pattern
  • Cord type, length, color
  • total beads per strand and the finished beaded length
  • finishing notes with finding type
  • finished beaded circumference
  • successes, failures and adjustments
  • an accompanying companion piece pattern

Each student finds their own comfort zone eventually. One thing holds true, after composing an ample amount of facts and figures, students quickly become empowered to create their own patterns with confidence.

Even as a seasoned pro, I still have more failures than successes, as this is a continuous trial and error. With every new logged project, I gain a new piece of reference material from which to alter or morph into a new and exciting piece.

I have a great respect for this ancient art and I am continuously fascinated by all of the intricate parts and details. I find I love writing in my journal just as much as weaving the beads on my kumihimo disc. Try it for yourself and you will be amazed.

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