Bead Runway™ (Patent Pending)

Why Bead Runway?

Use the Bead Runway™ to create original Kumihimo Design patterns while incorporating the beads of your choice.

The Bead Runway

is used as a tool to assist you in laying out #Kumihimo patterns so you can make your own designs visually. It is most useful with graduating patterns starting with the largest beads in the center and graduating out both ways smaller and smaller.

The book gives in depth directions giving you the theory behind it, where to begin, where you should end up and how it can help you in other ways. It also allows you to count out your beads for existing patterns then load from the Runway. This reduces the amount of times you count the beads when Pattern Loading (loading from pattern to disk).

It can also help alter existing patterns. If you layout an existing pattern, you can swap out bead groups, bead by bead, to customize the design with your own beads. My book , Bead Runway™ Kumihimo Technique Pattern Series© 2018, goes into detail about how to use these techniques to begin to make your own patterns. (Also available on

Now, My book

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